Morgan McCormick

Morgan McCormick's Fundraiser

Join us to keep our schools going image

Join us to keep our schools going

Help Apple Playschools Continue Essential Work and Care


$1,050 towards $1,000

When Green Apple closed in March just two weeks before Finn was born, we were quickly reminded just how important our school is to our family. Spend just two minutes with Nora and you'll likely hear a story about her teachers and friends. Green Apple has provided a caring community for Nora and Finn and has truly helped them thrive - becoming the curious, creative, and kindhearted children that they are today.

Your gift will provide emergency funds that keep the cost of care affordable, limit class size, purchase essential protective equipment, and prepare to sustain future school closures. Your support also makes sure our teachers can continue their important work while providing for their own families. With your help, our schools will stay open for essential work and care in this time where every day counts.

Thank you,

Morgan & Justin