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Lauren Benjamin's Fundraiser

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Join me to keep our schools going

Help Apple Playschools Continue Essential Work and Care


$600 towards $500

The COVID-19 pandemic has created the greatest childcare crisis of our time - for both families and teachers. As a single parent with primary care taking responsibilities, I would not be able to work without childcare, but Green Apple is more than childcare to me. In the absence of a network of family in the area (shout out to Aunt Jane, the lone Michigander), Green Apple has become a community of support for me. The teachers that are the heart of this school have taught me so much about how to help my child flourish in crisis, and how to raise a vibrant citizen who points out injustice in the world. I couldn't do this without them.

Your gift will provide emergency funds that keep the cost of care affordable even as we increase staffing ratios, limit class size, purchase essential protective equipment, and prepare to sustain future school closures. Your support also makes sure our teachers can continue their important work while providing for their own families.

Your action is needed now. With your help, our schools will stay open for essential work and care in this time where every day counts.