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Give the Gift of Muddy and Messy Play

Help more families in our community provide nurturing, high-quality education for their children.

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Scholarships keep our social justice branches strong.

Many families in our community cannot afford high-quality care for their young children. But we know that the early years of a child's life are essential for nurturing their self-expression, learning, and lifelong commitment to social justice values.

In the field of early childhood, there is a constant tension between affordable tuition and sustainable staff wages. We are committed to keeping care affordable for families while also providing fair pay and work-life balance to our staff. When you give to the Scholarship Fund, you are transforming our community through both work and play.

Full-time infant care at our schools costs nearly $2000 a month. Your gift will help us offset that cost for families who want high-quality care for their children without compromising on our feminist and people-focused values.

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